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What you get to gain from this class


Become a better leader

Emotionally intelligence helps leaders to control themselves, their emotions, thoughts, and actions in a positive manner.


Become more self aware

People with high Emotional Intelligence understand themselves better. They realize what is important to them and are committed to their own growth and development. 


Handle those tough conversations

There is no doubt, one will interact with people on a daily basis. Emotional Intelligence helps one maintain and engage in a tough conversation. 


Improve your productivity

People with high Emotional Intelligence know how to appropriately deal with conflict and differing values, they are not derailed by others’ negative or “hot” emotions. And, will greatly impact their productivity level.

About Abiola 'Champ' Salami

Abiola ‘Champ’ Salami is a World-class Performance Coach committed to raising world class leaders and improving the productive capacity and brand perception of organizations and governments. He is an alumnus of Harvard University, Lagos Business School and American Government's International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

His commitment to workforce productivity, youth and women empowerment as well as leadership development led him to publishing books, audio and visual content as well as designing and implementing capacity development programs towards achieving the relevant Sustainable Development Goals.

He is the author of Get MAD! You can Make a Difference (Foreword by Dr. Christopher Kolade, CON), Who Says It's a Man's World (Foreword by Dr. Mo Abudu), and his latest work The MAGIC of Emotional Intelligence (Foreword by Prof. Dana H. Born of Harvard University).


 Prof. Pat Utomi 

 Founder, Center for Values in Leadership 

Wisdom travels further when it is domesticated. Emotional Intelligence may sound esoteric when Daniel Goleman reports the story of New York Bus Driver. But when a young Nigeria high school student witnesses a fight that damages future prospects, the path is opened for domesticating wisdom.

 Ndidi Nwuneli 

 MFR, Managing Partner, Sahel Consulting 

Given that we encounter diverse individuals and group in person and professional setting, The Magic of Emotional Intelligence; A Practical Approach to Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work and In Life Situation reinforces the subject of emotional intelligence and the necessity to apply it in our action decision and relationship

Austin Avuru 

 Co-Founder/Non Executive Director, Seplat Petroleum 

This is a great work in unraveling the intricate web of human psychology and the huge (daily) impact of its application on the life and living The Magic of Emotional Intelligence: How Champions Apply Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Peak Performance and Advancement in Life is a veritable companion and reference material to everyone who daily routine involves dealing with people.